Wednesday, 17 January 2018

French infantry (early 1790s)

by Michael Schwab

Hagen-Miniatures (link to the figures) have a small range of French infantry of the early 1790s in their French revolution sets wearing the so-called "Kaskett", which is closely related to the Tarleton helmet.

With some additions from ART-Miniaturen (mounted officers) and Italeri (grenadiers and one officer) the available figures are painted as the 25th (facings rose) and the 40th (light blue facings) de Ligne in their white uniforms and the 13th de Ligne already in blue (originally violet facings). Especially the latter reflects the often delapidated appearance of revolutionary infantry. The guys in green faced yellow represent the 4th Chasseurs a Pied.

Battalions were of 8 companies fusiliers or chasseurs with one company of grenadiers or carabiniers added respectively. The line units here are made of four stands each (representing two companies = a division) with one stand for the grenadiers. The light infantry has company stands. The figures are rather large for 1/72, would rate them as the fourth figure in their height scale (if they were plastic, of course).

Photos (click to enlarge):

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