Monday 19 November 2018

Dioramica in Hann. Münden 17. - 18.11.2018

It is a long way from my hometown to Hann. Münden in Germany (about 800 km), but the event that took place on the last weekend was every travelling km worth it. It's called Dioramica ( and is a presentation of the local museum "Geschichte in Miniaturen" ( with it's perfect dioramas combined with a trading place for 1/72 figure manufactorers and a meeting place for 1/72 figure enthusiasts. People who knew each other mostly from forums or see each other very seldom met here and talked about their hobby, showed their latest work or tried to get some inspiration.

I don't like to talk in superlatives, but that was the best event I ever visited!!! A great compliment to the organisation and to all who took part in making this happen.

Photos (click to enlarge)
Only a very small overview - really!