Saturday, 28 March 2020

Vamos a la Playa (British Napoleonic amphibious landing attempt)

by Michael Schwab

I had got the frigate, I had got the troops. After watching "The frogs and the lobsters" in the Hornblower Series I fancied a landing operation by British troops (De Roll, Chasseurs Britanniques, Gordon Highlanders and Royal Marines) somewhere in Spain (I had got the windmill ...) during the later years of the Peninsular War. All went well for the British in the beginning, but the French must have been warned in advance, therefore being able to send quite a few troops - even artillery and some dragoons (in uniforms made from local brown fabric) - to defend the coast. They were finally able to give the lobsters a thorough thrashing, the landing failed with heavy losses for the invader. The pictures show the beginning of the encounter, the landing in full swing.

Photos (click to enlarge):

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Tin figure fair in Kulmbach 9. - 11.8.2019

Every two years the Bavarian town of Kulmbach is the center of tin figure enthusiasts from all around the world. This fair is organised by the German tin figures museum also located in Kulmach in the large Plassenburg castle (really worth to see). Flat figures are the most seen, but also lots of round figures and some 1/72 figures also. The complete fair is located in a traditional Bavarian beer tent (Kulmbach is also well known for a local beer brewery). There is also a contest with several categories in a neighbouring building.

It was a very interesting event and I saw many very good works. And I personally met two people, which I already knew from several forums - Uwe Wild and Frank Ziegler (both excellent sculptors and really nice guys). Especially the contact with Frank Ziegler brought me lots of information for my next diorama (the largest I ever made - be surprised!)

Photos (click to enlarge)

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Go Modelling in Vienna 9. - 10.3.2019

Every year the IPMS Austria organises a modelling event called "Go Modelling" in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna. This year I decided to give it a chance and visited it. Lots of interesting objects in all scales and for many periods and also some sellers were there.

For 1/72 enthusiasts it was a little disappointing as our scale was very underrepresented. But the few exhibitors I found were definitely worth the undertaking (to mention two names: Thomas Mayer and René Hieronymus - extremely nice guys and excellent modellers).

Photos (click to enlarge)