Tuesday 31 May 2022

Dioramica in Heilbad Heiligenstadt 28. - 29.5.2022

My second visit to the Dioramica (www.dioramica.de) after 2018 and it is still long way from my hometown to the new location in Heilbad Heiligenstadt in Germany (about 800 km). This event is a presentation of the local museum "Geschichte in Miniaturen" (www.geschichte-in-miniaturen.de) with it's perfect dioramas combined with a trading place for 1/72 figure manufactorers and a meeting place for 1/72 figure enthusiasts. People who knew each other mostly from forums or see each other very seldom met here and talked about their hobby, showed their latest work or tried to get some inspiration.

As its predecessor in 2018 it was a great event with the cream of the cream of 1/72 diorama builders (unfortunately not all could come) of middle Europe. This time I took some of my dioramas along and presented it to the public for the very first time. Some visitors already knew me from this blog or my YouTube-channel and long talkings and questions/answers followed - others only enjoyed watching. My best moment was, when a young girl with her father said, that one archer shot an arrow and hit a man on the other ship - this was exactly what I intended to depict. 

There was also a the competition in which I took part with two of my dioramas - without seeing a real change of winning a prize. But no risk, no fun.

And I started some new friendships with some of the other builders and exhibitors - some crazy people like me (and we are all proud of this fact!!!)

The long trip was a complete success, even more as I finally was able to sell me Mylae diorama and have now space at home for creating a new large diorama (definitely smaller than Mylae - it has to fit in my car).

Last but not least: A great compliment to the organisation and to all who took part in making this happen.

Photos (click to enlarge)
Only a very small overview - really!

1. The museum

2. The exhibition

3. Surprise, surprise - I won two medals!!!
(Bronze for Raphia 217 BC and Silver for Mylae 260 BC)


  1. Michael Schwab1 June 2022 at 07:50

    Congrats to the well deserved medals and many thanks for the pictures!